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Address: 16 Road 7, FUTA Satellite Estate, off Stateline Road, Futa South Gate, Akure. Ondo State
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Helping you to live a better life. We sell NAFDAC approved, 100% herbal products for all round health and well-being.

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We have a collection of potent, NAFDAC approved, Natural health products to restore and maintain good health.


A multipurpose health formula. Useful for treatment and prevention of pathogenic infections. Superdose Herbal capsule is a renowned immune booster and body defender. It is 100% herbal.


Useful for the prevention and treatment of Diabetes. It rejuvenates the PANCREAS and restores the production of natural INSULIN. It has a total detoxifying effect on all organs and systems of the body.


A powerful Immune booster with the ability to give protection against Malaria, Typhoid, Kidney and Liver diseases. Highly useful in the management of Sickle Cell Anaemia.


Highly useful in the prevention and treatment of Cancer. It contains high anti-oxidant ingredients that consume all free radicals, targeting cancer formation and ageing. It thereby helps in prevention and treatment of Cancer.

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Our products were developed using carefully selected African herbs – leaves, stem and bark. They were processed scientifically and rigorously tested to ensure high efficiency.

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Organic Vitamins & Minerals

We have an array of organic vitamins and minerals to enhance your overall health and protect from common & chronic diseases

Organic Calcium
A 100% herbal dietary supplement for strong bones and healthy joints.
Organic Vitamin E
A powerful antioxidant that helps to protect the body cells from free radicals and damage.
Organic Zinc
Helps to support immune functions. Protects against chronic diseases. Enhances overall health and well-being. A 100% herbal solution.
Organic Vitamin D
Boosts the immune system. Helps the body to absorb calcium for strong bones, nerves and muscles


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