Earn Residual Income

Earn Substantial Residual Income

A millonaire needs at least 7 sources of income to maintain  millonaire status while a billonaire needs much more!
Anyone who doesn’t have investments that put money into his or her account even while sleeping will likely die poor.

You can Earn Substantial Legimate Income!!!


Register with us, use, recommend and do referral of Superdose health capsule, DAABS, SAABFAT5, SAABMAL. When you register as a foundation distributor with ₦13,500 ( 6 bottles of Superdose ) or ₦25,500 ( 12 bottles of Superdose ) or ₦37,500 ( 18 bottles of Superdose ) or ₦49,500 ( 24 bottles of Superdose ) or full registration with #61,500 ( 30 bottles of Superdose ) you will be buying Superdose Capsule at distributors price. Use the required number of bottles to keep you and your family in good health. Sell the rest for profit. At full registration, you start earning instant bonus and additional bonuses when you purchase multiple of 6 bottles of Superdose. Your jackpot of cash bonuses start when you get 3 downlines to join you to build a strong network on Superdose.  Then you are on your way to mouth watering  cash, car and house awards, luxury holidays, and  so on.
Fill and submit the contact form for more information. T&C applies.

Norland-Land of Settlement

At Norland, the wisdom of health improves life. Registration as a Norland member means you are putting yourself on a road to sound health and soul lifting, legitimate, poverty shaming wealth.
You become a Norland member by registering as a senior member (₦87,000 ); Bronze member ( ₦167,000 ); Silver member ( ₦350,000 ); Gold member ( ₦700,000 ) or Diamond member( ₦ 1,350,000 ). For each amount you pay for registering with us, you get a corresponding life changing Norland Health products of your choice. You may use the products or sell them for profit. Do you wants to bid poverty goodbye? or add to, or secure your existing wealth? Would you like to be your own boss, build a good house, train your children in the best schools without stress? Would you like to retire early and never have money shortage in your age. Then get two downlines to register and use Norland products. Encourage your downline to do the same. When you do this, you are surely on track to staggering cash, cars and house awards, luxury holidays etc.
Join Norland today, fill the contact form and you are on your way to live a long, healthy and financially secure life. Ask us how!  T&C applies.

Solar Electricity, Solar Products and Project

Do you have a minimum of ₦250,000 to invest? You can earn up to 30% interest on your money if you invest your idle funds for at least a year in the Sun Energy Community Development Initiative Projects. Funds from investors like you are invested in the production and sale of renewable energy products and projects, solar panels and inverters to solar powered cars and solar powered estates, community water and farm irrigation projects. When you sign up for the solar electricity products and investment program, you will sign a MOU and you will be issued an investment certificate. Let’s say you invested 1 million Naira, your return on investment ( ROI ) at 30% Interest rate is ₦300,000. This will be divided by 12 months. And therefore you will be paid a monthly interest of ₦25, 000 monthly! Isn’t this better than near zero savings?
You can request for your invested sum after 12 months or you may choose to re-invest for another 12 months circle.  Multiple investment circles are allowed. Minimum investment is ₦250, 000. There is no maximum. Fill the contact form to kick start your investment and for more information.T&C applies.

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